PD Dr. Jens Fiebig

Senior Research Associate ('Akademischer Oberrat')
- Head of Stable Isotope Lab

Tel. +49 69 - 798 40182 (Bureau)
Tel. +49 69 - 798 40279/40280 (Lab)

Room No. 2.335 (Bureau) / 0.205 (Mass spectrometry)

e-mail: Jens.Fiebig@em.uni-frankfurt.de


Stable Isotope Lab Manager

Working Group:

Stable Isotopes

Ulrike Wacker (PhD Student)
Tanja Rutz (Master Student, thesis completed)
Niklas Löffler (Student helper)

Techn. Assistant Sven Hofmann

Research Interests:

Stable isotopes and clumped isotopes
Geochemistry of volcanic gases
Origin of hydrocarbons in hydrothermal systems
Reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions using traditional stable and clumped isotopes
Development of new techniques for stabie Isotope analysis of geo-materials

Lectures: Geochemie der stabilen Isotope bzw. Isotopen- und Spurenelementanalytik I
Isotopen- und Spurenelementanalytik II
Materialanalytische Methoden

Redox and temperature conditions governing chemical and isotopic equilibration of CO2 and CH4 in volcanic hydrothermal systems (2005-2008; FI-948/1-1)
Assessing the geochemical signatures of abiogenically dominated methane sources (since 2008; FI-948/2-1)
Carbonation of porous rocks by interaction with magmatic and hydrothermal fluids - a case study on Unzen volcano (since 2009; FI-948/3-1)
Clumped isotope thermometry applied to bivalve mollusks (since 2010; Fi-948/4-1)
Bulk carbon and clumped isotope composition of N-alkanes in volcanic-hydrothermal emissions (since 2013; Fi-948/6-1)


Laboratory Stable Isotopes (Goethe University and BIK-F)
Curriculum vitae
Publications (PDF)


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