PD Dr. Jens Fiebig

Senior Research Associate ('Akademischer Oberrat')
- Head of Stable Isotope Lab

Tel. +49 69 - 798 40182 (Bureau)
Tel. +49 69 - 798 40279/40280 (Lab)

Room No. 2.335 (Bureau) / 0.205 (Mass spectrometry)

e-mail: Jens.Fiebig@em.uni-frankfurt.de


Stable Isotope Lab Manager

Working Group:

Stable Isotopes

Ulrike Wacker (PhD Student)
Tanja Rutz (Master Student, thesis completed)
Niklas Löffler (Student helper)

Techn. Assistant Sven Hofmann

Research Interests:

Geochemistry of volcanic gases
Origin of hydrocarbons in hydrothermal systems
Reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions using traditional stable and clumped isotopes
Development of new techniques for stabie Isotope analysis of geo-materials

Lectures: Geochemie der stabilen Isotope bzw. Isotopen- und Spurenelementanalytik I
Isotopen- und Spurenelementanalytik II
Materialanalytische Methoden

Redox and temperature conditions governing chemical and isotopic equilibration of CO2 and CH4 in volcanic hydrothermal systems (2005-2008; FI-948/1-1)
Assessing the geochemical signatures of abiogenically dominated methane sources (since 2008; FI-948/2-1)
Carbonation of porous rocks by interaction with magmatic and hydrothermal fluids - a case study on Unzen volcano (since 2009; FI-948/3-1)
Clumped isotope thermometry applied to bivalve mollusks (since 2010; Fi-948/4-1)
Bulk carbon and clumped isotope composition of N-alkanes in volcanic-hydrothermal emissions (since 2013; Fi-948/6-1)


Laboratory Stable Isotopes (Goethe University and BIK-F)
Curriculum vitae
Publications (PDF)


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